Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

Swype Beta Skins - Nice and Clear. [ xwype Classic & NEO ]

For those of you who have downloaded the Swype Beta, but don't find the look to appealing, i've got a goodie.
I made 2 skins for Swype ( The project ist called "xwype, short for xrlabs' swype ).
The classic skin is like a mixture of the Samsung and the iPhone Keyboard.

Note: Alltough the Keyboards on the Picture look a bit strange, it's because I'm not smart enough to take a Picture of the Keyboard in android ;) You should definetively give them a try!

Download link below

Click to view full-sized Pictures:

xwype Classic 2.0
xwype NEO 2.0

You can download them from here:

>> *download* <<

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