Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

Windows Mobile Launcher for Android - Estrelle by xrlabs (T.B.A.)

So I've finally set for my first project.
"Estrelle" by xrlabs is a Replica "Windows Mobile" Launcher for Android that I'm currently developing, I'm not too far
into the project yet, but I'll try my best to make Estrelle become real quite soon :)
I've allready made some concept shots and posted them over at xda-developers, but since forums tend to take rather long at getting you replies, I just started the development of my Windows Mobile Launcher right away.

Read more and view pictures after the break.

As you can see from the shots, I'll try to make it customizable, and make it a modern-day version of Windows Mobile ca. 6.3.

Why, you may ask?
Because, altough Windows Mobile never had the reputation of being a comfortable OS for everyday-users, I really digged it's look to some extent. It just has this warm, comfy "I'm at Home" feel for nerds and desktop-fetishists alike, serving your daily dosis of  Personal Computer crack while you're out on your mission to make the world a better place. Or bang prostitutes in shady alleyways.
Ahem, either way you'd want to have your pocket pc by your side. Your only real bet at moderate computing power but still having your Windows Mobile around would be getting an HTC Touch HD, which has an 1Ghz Snapdragon on the pro side, but only singletouch, the lousy choice of Apps (Alltough most of them are better quality then their Android Counterparts), and an Operating System left for dead.

With Estrelle for Android, you'll get a Windows Mobile feel while still having

  • A huge Appstore with 580.000+ Apps (as of Nov. 2011, according to Wikipedia)
  • Multitouch (depending on your phone)
  • A newer, modern feel
  • And an overall better integrity with the other apps opposed to Win Mob.
  • Plus Stuff I can't think of right now :P

So if you're interested, you should definetively stay tuned for more :)


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