Montag, 5. März 2012

Android Graphical UI Resources - Calling Backgrounds

This time i present you the calling backgrounds for all phones, and a work-in-progress skin for the LG Dialer.
I'm not really happy with the outcome of the dialer, so I might just throw it away, change it, or make new ones.

On a side note: I now this stuff isn't earth crushing super mega awesome shit, but that's what I do, my style is clean, bold, and zen.
I've got my niche on a perfectly white and clean spot between the likes of the overloaded  Sony Ericsson Skins of the first new decade, and the starved-to-death spartanian Metro UI.
While my stuff may lack the Swag of iOS it may be better for your mental health, or help you grow your penis by a quarter :P

I made a nice rip-off of the Galaxy S Keyboard.
The Numbers and Letters are dumped from the GS Firmware.
(In my opinion, the Galaxy S has the most beautiful UI as of now)

See the full skins and download links after the break!

Here is a complete View of the BG's.
The order is always Call - Hang Up - Hold

Bold, Calm Statement.

For the Morally Ambigous Person.

A tad bit more Retarded! Show the Rebel inside!

Let's say this is a fresh Style so we have to work less!
Also, Gramps will prolly like this!

So that's it for today folks! Goodnight! See-Ya!

Oh, why of course, the download links!

Call Backgrounds zipped
xUI Project Dropbox Public Site

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