Mittwoch, 26. März 2014

xrlabs Gameproject #2 - "Slayer3D", Blocky 3rd Person Dungeon Crawler [G...

I have always wanted to use the 3D features of GameMaker, and now I finally did. I actually plan to make a real game out of this prototyped concept. But I'm most definetively not going to do it with GameMaker: Studio, because, seriously, this just lags. I get around 40-60fps (Dual Core machine duh... my real rig got fried) on this machine, but not very consistent fps. I already hired "graphics artists" (read: got some friends that are really good at drawing and got them Wacom Tablets) and will work this concept out in java and c#. My goal is to have a 3D Dungeon Crawl Engine ready and working for Android.

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